Monday, September 7, 2009

New Stamps

I have been looking for years to find a solution to getting stamps made from my own designs. Most of the commercial machines out there are just way too expensive for the limited number of stamps I wanted, and some of the old photopolymer texture sheets I have purchased are now too brittle and yellow to use without damaging them. Until now. I have used Ready Stamps in the past to have stamps made, and the rubber was just fine for stamping, but did not work well with clay and encaustic wax. I decided to contact them, and now they are making photopolymer plates in both the hard plastic and soft clear stamps just like the ones in the craft stores. I ordered 4 plates of designs from them, and I am really liking them! They are fabulous in both clay and wax! Here is a photo of some of my doodles and the stamps that were produced. Contact them if you want to have some of your own designs done.